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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Last Saturday I've been on an MPI tour to Dagstuhl Castle. The main atraction were the robots.

Well, the robots were mostly playing football instead of more roboting activities like fighting aliens or killing all humans. The humanoid robots really sucked at it, the dogbots' (Microsoft Hellhounds) game was much more dynamic and interesting.

And there was a "robot girl" Lara. The point was to use some Nickel-Titanium memory metal instead of motors. That way it can be very light compared to traditional robots. And very energy-inefficient, so it's not like it's replacing traditional robots anytime soon. Because of energy problems Lara wasn't walking around too much, it just kicked a ball a few time, stuff like that.

Oh yeah, and there was a castle and some old ruins and some modern art gallery (including a few pieces of art made of vibrators), stuff like that.

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