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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Blank political maps for Rome and Medieval 2 Total War

I don't know about you but everytime I play any Total War game - or any strategic game for that matter, I always draw ton of maps with my empire, my expansion plans, how the wars went etc.

And I discovered I'm pretty awful at keeping proportions right - which isn't really different from vast majority of people (give it a try yourself). But then, I thought - I can use a computer to draw blank map for me, and I can then draw on that.

For games based on Rome engine there's already regions.tga with all the data we need, it just needs some processing to make it usable as a blank political map.

And once I had a script to do so, I thought why not generate such map for all the games.

It would be pretty easy to generate such maps for any other mod, but I recently reinstalled everything so I have no Rome/Medieval2 mods (other than Concentrated Vanilla) currently installed.

If you want such map for you mod, email me regions.tga and I'll email you back the map. Or I could send you the script if you want.

Blue is water (regions.tga doesn't indicate which regions are water, so I had to do that part manually), green is land, black is city, white is port, dark gray borders should be continuous, so flood filling can be safely used for coloring (just remember to turn off anti-aliasing in tools options if your graphics program defaults to that like Photoshop does, since it's pixel data).

Rome - vanilla

Rome - Barbarian Invasion

Rome - Alexander

Medieval 2 - vanilla

Medieval 2 - Concentrated Vanilla 0.52

Kingdoms - Americas

Kingdoms - British Isles

Kingdoms - Crusades

Kingdoms - Teutonic

I'm sure there will be more cats in the next post.


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