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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Correction for excessive beeminding

So very lazy by mada299 from flickr (CC-NC)
It seems I overcommitted myself somewhat, with estimated time spent beeminding being about 26h45m a week. I cut things to get it to estimated 20h or so. These numbers are all quite vague of course.

So what got cut (ordered from hardest to easiest task):
  • Pomodoros doing important things. This really isn't going anywhere near as well as I hoped for some reason. 7/week down to 4/week for the time being. At some point I either need to get good at it, or scrap it completely. Lowering the pressure might leave some space for experimenting with this.
  • Blogging. 3 posts/week down to 2.5 posts/week. It's still far more activity that this blog has usually seen.
  • Open Source contributions. 10 commits/week down to 7 commits/week. I have a pretty major project going of migrating things out of that probably won't see many commits but it will sure take a lot of time.
  • Play Magic: the Gathering. 10 games/week down to 6 games/week. I'll probably ramp it back up when formats get refreshed - like after Born of Gods release on February 1st. Standard is pretty decent these days, but I don't have as much time as I'd like and other things take priority.
  • Exercise. Staying unchanged at 3 nominal "hours" a week, which are closer to 3h30 actually. For health reasons that really shouldn't be cut, especially since I'm keeping up with this really well.
  • Try new fun things. Staying unchanged at 2/week. This goal has very high time variety, since sometimes I decide it's not fun after a few minutes, and sometimes it takes days to enjoy something fully, so it's hard to say how much time this is really taking.
  • Online Education. 3 lessons/week down to 2 lessons/week. Mostly due to my Internet connection becoming really shitty lately.
  • Books. Staying unchanged at 3/month. To be honest it's not terribly valuable, but I'm mostly reading in otherwise dead time like trains and so on, so it wouldn't really save much time to cut it. 
Changes of course go live 7 days from now. I'm sure I'll be readjusting everything for holiday season as well.

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