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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fun and Balance minimod for EU4 1.5.1

Kawaii ne? by KayVee.INC from flickr (CC-NC-SA)
Here's just a slightly updated version of my Fun and Balance minimod.

  • all files updated to 1.5.1 version
  • non-accepted culture penalty scaled down from +5RR to +4RR (vanilla has +2RR). It was just a bit too much.
  • religious center missionary strength modifier down from -5% to -2%. That's a modifier Rome and Mecca got around 1.4 patch, I hate it, and I'm really tempted to just kill it completely, since it makes Rome close to impossible to convert even with very big stack of positive modifiers. Rome has such a high base tax (which only grows as game goes), and such a small and unlikely to be accepted culture, that it's very difficult to convert anyway, even without this penalty. Mecca has lower base tax, more common culture, but it's Sunni for an extra penalty, so it's also pretty hard to convert. Why either of them needs such extreme penalties to switch makes no sense.
Everything else worked sensibly, so I'm not introducing any major changes. Perhaps larger rebalancing will be due once 1.6 is out, we'll see.


Scott Henderson said...

Hi Taw,

Thanks for the mod, I like your balancing ideas. I also like to include my own 2 small modifications: Cores never expire (I like the idea of being able to break up large nations, and being the target of the same), and Force Convert Religion is cheaper warscore.

taw said...

Scott: This minimod already does most of what you want - cores last 2x longer, which is usually enough without 1.3's coring bugs; and cleansing of heresy CB makes forced conversion really cheap (but you can no longer take territory at AE discount).