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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

New packages for jrpg

Don gato by Oscar Maltez from flickr (CC-NC)

Software seems like it would just last forever once written, but in practice it requires periodic maintenance or it will no longer work.

That seems to be the case with existing jrpg packages, so I've built new ones:
Windows package should run on any version. OSX is sadly for 10.10+ only, as it's massive pain to build multi-version packages with py2app. I might add support for older OSX versions later, but you're probably better off just upgrading.

On any other system, grab sources from github, install python 2.7, pygame (pip install pygame), and appdirs (pip install appdirs), and enjoy the game.

If you have no idea what jrpg is, check its website.

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