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Saturday, May 23, 2015

A bunch of CK2 minimods on Steam Workshop now

People kept asking for Steam Workshop version of Fun and Balance, so I finally made one. (I still need to setup screenshots, links etc., but it's a perfectly usable already)

Anyway, I also put a bunch of CK2 minimods on Steam, none of them affect gameplay in any way:
I absolutely detest dynastic names for countries, and I refuse to play any game without fixing that, even if everything else about the game is pure vanilla. It seems a lot of people share my views, as this mod got fairly popular pretty quickly without any announcements anywhere.

Localized landed titles I can tolerate if they're used sparingly (like West Francia / France, Pannonia / Hungary, Danzig / Gdańsk etc.), and early versions of CK2 did just that. Unfortunately Old Gods onwards it went on Norse renaming binge, and major parts of the map use completely dumb names with dumb non-Latin characters in them. If I wanted to play Swedish version, I'd choose Swedish version. Is it that hard to get?

Localized ranks are not quite as bad, but I made mod to fix them for completeness if you want to play that way. I'm not really decided which way I like more. I don't mind a few Exarchs and Grand Princes, but all they Walis, Beylerbeys, Farins etc. - is this really seriously necessary?

All mods are meant for vanilla, they're compatible with each other, but no idea if they're compatible with anything else.

If you don't want to use Steam Workshop, use Steam Workshop Downloader or get it from my Dropbox shared folder. Code is all on github but you'll need to do some symlinkery to actually build from there.

If you want to see all mods I put on Steam, here's my Steam Workshop page.

These are all cosmetic mods (even if 2/3 change checksum). I usually play with a bunch of balance-affecting minimods too, I'm not sure if that would be easy to extract into something workable.

In any case, enjoy.

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