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Sunday, August 09, 2015

Let's Play Happy Factorio (0.12)

This announcement is really overdue, as I sort of wanted to make this a proper mod first, but instead of waiting forever, I'm just going to announce it now, and release the mod later.

So, here's a new Let's Play series - Let's Play Happy Factorio:

I modded Factorio to use much higher saturation levels, as I find defaults highly depressing. Other than that, it's unmodded gameplay as I started it just as 0.12.0 came out and before mods had any chance to catch up.

Episodes are released once a day, same time (it was originally 6:00, then moved to more convenient 11:00 London time), aiming at 25 minutes per episode.

It's vanilla gameplay on peaceful mode, but you can enjoy watching me struggle with oil based energy instead of traditional solar spam.

When I release it as a mod, it will be announced on this blog.

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