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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Modern Times mod for Crusader Kings 2 - Empress of India release

Cat by Moyan_Brenn from flickr (CC-BY)

Here's new release of Modern Times mod for Crusader Kings 2.

Direct download.

Map changes

  • Victoria is double-empress of United Kingdom and India. Empire of India is de jure all of India. Have fun surviving inevitable Indian rebellion - at least you're de jure their liege so in the worst case you can at least pick up pieces afterwards.
  • De jure map is now somewhat less ridiculous. This especially affects Ottoman Empire, Russia, and India which shouldn't fall apart to independence factions in the first year, but it got tweaked in many places. There are still silly places, but vanilla is full of them as well, it's sort of impossible to fix completely.
  • Everybody should have reasonable historical capital as much as possible.
  • King/emperor level characters have generally 2-duchy demesne, unless their capital duchy is particularly big.
  • There are some extra vassal merchant republics (Pomerania, Provence, Hamburg, Pisa, Gloucester, Venice, Genoa, Ancona, Crete) to play as.
  • Non-Ottoman Turkey and Persia/Iran downgraded from empires to kingdoms. Free City of Danzig downgraded from duchy to county.
  • Religion/culture map is more reasonable, especially in Western Europe, which should mostly contain Catholics/Reformed/Protestants in correct places, and mostly of sensible culture. Cultures and religions are currently same for all start dates, so events like end-of-WW2 ethnic cleansing not modelled.

Other major changes

  • New religions - Protestantism (works more or less like miaphysites, with autocephalous heads) and Reformed (+4 stewardship bonus, no religious head). They see each other as heretics and can holy war, but Peace of Westphalia holds between them and Catholics. They don't really have any special features yet. Any ideas?
  • If you have Sunset Invasions DLC enabled, Americans might come with their armies, as they actually did twice in 20th century. OK, currently they're just vanilla Aztecs, but imagine they're Muricans. Disable the DLC if you don't want that chance.
  • Ottoman Empire gets Mamluks as vassals to stabilize them a bit. Once it is destroyed they go back to Egypt.
  • All holding slots in non-tribal areas are filled with extra castles and cities (and a temple if there wasn't any). At least Western Europe should be very well developed at this time, and building a new holding with not a single building in it is sort of not worth it at this point. This interferes with mechanics which need empty slots (like business focus castle building and holy order castle building), so perhaps I'll scale this down a bit later. There are still empty slots in tribal/nomad areas.
And of course a lot of assorted bug fixes and minor tweaks.

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