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Monday, July 18, 2016

Fun and Balance mod for EU4 1.17

Kitten by Magnus Bråth from flickr (CC-BY)

It took way too long as I was moving to a new place (and I finally have fiber!), so I got lost with so many other things to do.

Fun and Balance is available updated for 1.17:

  • Fun and Balance for EU4 1.17 - DownloadSteam Workshop
  • Fun and Balance for EU4 1.17 and Extended Timeline (1.1.1 version) - Download | Steam Workshop

  • The mysterious bug where everybody sometimes gets mission to "Unite Manchu tribes" is still not fixed, but I honestly didn't change anything about that particular mission, so no idea why that happens.

    Full feature list and links to older versions in case you want them are all here.

    For all my CK2 and EU4 mods, check my Steam Workshop page

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