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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Let's Play Hearts of Iron 4 as Soviet Union

Here's a series I wanted to try - as Soviet Union fight the whole world at once.

For this I modded in an event where every country declares war on me as soon as I finish the Great Purge. I wanted these to be separate wars, so I used mods to remove factions from the game. And to make it even harder, I played with no annexation rule, just puppetting. And a few other mods.

Unfortunately with so many wars ongoing and a butch of puppet countries, the series started suffering from horrible performance, and I had to stop early.

Anyway, you might still find it enjoyable - there's a lot of action until it gets too slow.

Here's episode 1. The rest will be published once a day.

If you want to try such a thing yourself, you should probably remove the no puppetting rule, and that might just be enough to make performance tolerable.

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