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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Celebrating Cloud's 10th Birthday With Cat Pictures

Cloud is now a serious mature lady cat. Let's celebrate it the best possible way - by posting a lot of cat pictures!

Young Cloud

In her youth "smartphones" took potato-quality pictures which took a minute per picture to transfer over custom USB cables, so unfortunately I don't have many photos from that time.

The few I've got shows she already had affinity towards computers, using laptop power supply as a chair:

Cloud And Computers

Cloud is indoors cat surrounded by computers, so she took a lot of interest in them.

What a nice keyboard pillow:

I wonder what keyboard pillow tastes like?

Fixing Cabling:

3D Printing:

Using laptops as chairs:

Hooman got me new laptop chair? Did it come in a box too?

This laptop is weird, but if I fits, I sits:

Doing Hooman Things

Cloud was curious about things hoomans do, so she sometimes trying to act like one, but eventually figured out it's much better to just be a cat.

Drinking coffee:

Standing on back paws:

Packing for travel:

Exploring Her World

As indoors cat she doesn't have far to explore but she's still doing her best.

Going up:

What is my hooman doing down there?

Visiting vet:

Keeping her fur snow white:

Cloud and Chair

Cloud loves her hooman's chair. Especially when it's warm after use. There's just one problem - the hooman needs that chair too.

Using chair as bed:

Using chair for photoshoots:

OK hooman, you can keep the big one, I like the cat-sized sidechair better anyway:

Sleepy Cloud

As a proper cat, Cloud loves sleeping on everything.

Sleeping next to a computer:

Sleeping in boxes:

Sleeping on her cat tree:

Sleeping on what her hooman is trying to read:

Or write:

Playful Cloud

Unfortunately it's hard to get a good pic of Cloud in action, as she's not a very active cat, and I don't have a Go Pro.

Here's a photo of her catching a bird on a stick:

Just being cute

Like any cat she loves just being cute:

Happy Birthday Cloud!

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