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Friday, January 12, 2007

Hello world of Chinese drawing

Non-computer art is fun. Unless someone's committed to spending rest of their life getting better at it, it's best just to accept that everything they make is going to suck big time. Have you accepted it already too ? Great, now we can have plenty of fun together.

A few days time ago, I got a 15 EUR special sale Chinese Drawing intro kit at Empik. It includes a solid ink bar, an inkstone, 3 small tubes of color paints (lemon yellow, cobalt blue, carmine), some rice paper, a CD with Chinese pop music, and a booklet with short tutorial and some pretty pictures.

Today I finally ripped the CD, and started drawing. Now, I actually tried something similar once or twice before, but back then my only idea was "Wow, this paper about converting 3D scenes into sumi-e-like paintings is so cool, I guess I'll just start drawing one without getting any more tutorials".

Other than that, this is my hello world. Like all hello worlds, it doesn't represent anything, I was just trying to get some idea how materials react. It's less trivial than I thought to handle ink and water right. From what I can tell, the bird-like thing and the moon-like thing suck most. The bamboo are kinda nice, especially since that's the first time I've ever drawn any.

Why the heck am I posting it to my blog instead of just trashing it ? In the future, it's going to be a great feeling to look back and see that I used to suck a lot more than I do now.

If you want to comment how bad it is, or anything like that, just go ahead. Getting bashed is a pretty good way of improving.

1 comment:

Artur said...

not bad, especially that You rather don't have many painting experience:)

IMHO best are tree and bamboo in the middle, I didn't enjoy the moon and the bird ( bird can be in fact but moon, I think, should be more sharp and smaller ) ;)

Let it be my hello word as painting critic:D