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Monday, May 07, 2007

Quake-style console for KDE - yakuake

yakuake screenshot by taw (public domain)I played with harnir's fvwm-crystal (screenshots) for a few days. I'm back to KDE now, but one feature was simply too awesome to miss - the Quake-style konsole.

It turns out KDE supports Quake-style konsole too with yakuake package (sudo apt-get install yakuake). Before that I used to keep multitab konsole on virtual desktop 1 (empty now), but I like yakuake much more. The only thing I changed was key binding from truly horrible F12 to Alt-` (run yakuake, press down arrow in lower right corner, select Change Access Key...).

You can see yakuake on the screenshot. It supports multiple tabs, automatically hides when it loses focus, and is based on KDE konsole, which in my experience tends to be a much better terminal emulator than all xterm-based stuff.

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