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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

RLisp moved to RubyForge wasnt me by ariffjrs from flickr (CC-NC-SA)RLisp moved to RubyForge. So far we have:

I'm not sure which features will be useful and which will need to be disabled. The wiki and the IRC channel bother me most. Wikis are the most awesome idea since blogs, but RubyForge uses truly ancient wiki software. It feels like Wikipedia did back in 2001. The IRC channel would be a good idea if a few people were actually there all the time. I'm not on IRC frequently enough to keep the channel alive.

The files are still at Chaosforgegithub (link fixed after chaosforge went down). They will be moved when I find out how to automate uploads to RubyForge.

Enjoy :-)


Christ Chex said...

Update your links -->

I'll occupy/moderate your IRC channel if you want. :)

taw said...

Christ Chex: You're welcome to join the channel. I'm there right now. :-)

Christ Chex said...

I'm there at the time of this comment. :D

Phil said...

Cool. The only thing I'd change is that you've posted a picture of a cat without a humorous caption, which is quite out of vogue in these modern times. I'd suggest one of the following:

"I can has rubyforge acct?"

"OH hai I upgraded yr hosting."

"Im in ur project; movin ur filez."

zenspider said...

sudo gem install -y hoe
rubyforge setup
# fill in the blanks
sow mynewproject
cp mynewproject/Rakefile $wherever
# fill in the blanks

now you've got deployment automation.