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Sunday, December 06, 2015

Fun and Balance mod for EU4 1.14.2 and Extended Timeline 1.14.1

Bow down to your king by travel oriented from flickr (CC-SA)

So who doesn't just love Paradox QA system, where instead of hiring people to QA the game before release they just release open beta without even labelling it as such, and players literally pay money to be their QA team. And then somehow many of the players are even grateful for how fast hotfixes come out.

Of course it would be totally unfair to single out Paradox here, as this seems to be more and more industry practice for most game companies.

Anyway, here's another updated version:

  • Fun and Balance for EU4 1.14.2 - Download. Steam Workshop
  • Fun and Balance for EU4 1.14.2 and Extended Timeline (0.14.1 version) - Download | Steam Workshop

  • The biggest change is that I moved to directory-based defines.lua overrides, so new version is much less likely to conflict with hotfix changes.

    I'd definitely recommend all mods to start taking advantage of this feature both Crusader Kings 2 and Europa Universalis 4 got recently - it not only reduces the need to make new mod release every hotfix, it greatly improves compatibility between different mods. Not long ago almost every mod (except for graphics-only stuff) had to modify defines.lua in one way or another, and it was biggest single source of conflicts.

    It's not even close to level of support for playing multiple unrelated mods together that games like Civilization 5 or Skyrim have, but Paradox games have made a huge progress over last few years.

    Here's Full feature list and links to older versions.

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    Unknown said...

    Thanks for the quick update. Any bets on how many hotfixes for the last hotfix there will be in the next week?