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Sunday, December 06, 2015

Modern Times mod for Crusader Kings 2 - Dick Cheney release

Go Canada Go...? by Little Cat Photography from flickr (CC-NC-ND)

Here's new release of Modern Times mod for Crusader Kings 2 (Steam WorkshopDirect download).

New Cultures

There are 4 new cultures in this release:
  • Ukrainian - East Slavic group, has standard East Slavic mechanics. I'm still undecided what to do culturally with Belarus and Tartars, and for that matter all of Central Asia, so right now it's one of messier areas on the map. Adding Ukrainian culture is a step in right direction, but it's not even close to looking good.
  • American - West Germanic group, has Marines retinues and buildings, pure offensive heavy infantry
  • Canadian - West Germanic group, has Mounties retinues and buildings, with light cavalry / horse archers
  • Brazilian - Iberian group, has standard Iberian mechanics.
They all got own list of given and family names as much as I could find them online. It's not a bug that a lot of Canadian names sound Chinese or Korean, that's actual Canadian demographics during Modern Times.

If you have Sunset Invasion DLC disabled, that's it. You can use Ruler Designer to play as American king of Czechoslovakia, or Canadian Soviet Tsar, or Brazilian duke of Latvia.

Sunset Invasion

On the other hand, if you're ready for a bit more silliness, and you play with Sunset Invasion enabled, fun things could happen.

You can of course still get vanilla Aztec / Mexican invasion. But are Aztecs the only people living on the other side of the Atlantic? I can think of at least 3 other major countries...

To avoid spoilers I won't say anything else here. I think I've given you enough hints to figure it out. And don't think that just because you're not on Western edge of the map you're safe (check post title for some suggestions).

Why no China?

The most obvious followup question is why I didn't add China, or Japan, or someone new coming from the East. I'm mostly just waiting for next DLC announcement, there's good chance map will expand to East Asia, so we'll get that in Modern Times for free.

If it turns out next DLC or two are about something else, I might add some kind of China / Japan Sunrise Invasion in the future.

The mod is currently a one-person effort, so there's only so much I can do. If you're interested in joining development, contact my by email, or whichever other way is most convenient.

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