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Sunday, July 23, 2006

gaim sucks

Partial list of gaim's suckiness, as far as gadu gadu protocol support is concerned:

  • gaim does not support search (really, it doesn't, not even a bit). You can't check in the public directory with whom are you speaking.
  • gaim does not quietly reconnects if the connection is broken, even when i use a plugin for that (yeah, there's an actual plugin to get half-sane behaviour). With the plugin, it will pop-up the contact lists. Without it, it will flood me with error messages. And connection to gadu gadu servers gets broken all the time.
  • gaim does not encrypt connections to gadu gadu servers, and it does not support end-to-end encryption
  • gaim does not support emoticons
  • gaim does not display the last few old messages when opening a chat and does not have single keystroke history. You actually have to open history (Conversation menu > View log), then select month from the tree view, then select day, and then scrool down. Seriously, the guy who designed this UI must have been stoned.
  • on your contact list, you cannot have inactive contacts shaded out and on the bottom. You either see no inactive/hidden contacts (what's lame, because half of the people are in hidden state all the time), or you have them sorted alphabetically (what's even lamer, because you can't see who's there).


bob said...

I use ekg under console environment and it is best client for gadu-gadu protocol (better than original software, because it's ad free). Have you tried kadu?

taw said...

Yeah, I normally use kadu. I only tried gaim because I need some other protocols too (nobody outside of Poland uses gadugadu), and keeping multiple programs open is kinda inconvenient. So now I use gaim for ICQ and kadu for gadugadu.

Jonathan said...

I personally use meebo instead of a real IM client, but I've used GAIM before and it really does suck.

My roommate uses the latest beta GAIM for Windows and showing history when you first open an IM window is supported by a plugin that comes by default called "History." I'm pretty sure I've seen emoticons, too. I don't know why someone hasn't built a decent AIM client yet, or at least revamped GAIM completely. The world needs a decent multiprotocol open source IM client.