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Monday, July 10, 2006

More movies

Some recently watched movies, in approximate order of coolness:

  • All about Eve - A great movie about how evil can people be in their quest for fame and greatness. There are well developed characters, great acting, and even an actual plot.
  • Hotel Rwanda - A genocide story. It's much more realistic and interesting than all the lame Holocaust movies. The characters actually feel real, completely unlike Schindler's List cardboard.
  • Chinatown - A film noir classic. It is evil, it is sick, it has complex plot, and it is fun.
  • Touch of evil - Another film noir classic. A little less twisted than Chinatown, but with more cool camera effects. Like the must-see opening scene.
  • The Great Dictator - I thought Charlie Chaplin movie would be idiotic commedy about slipping on banana peels and stuff like that. Surprisingly it wasn't. The movie tries to be serious and funny at the same time, and it kinda works.
  • Rebecca - I kinda liked it, but it was so slow. And the characters somehow didn't seem very believable.
  • 2001 A Space Oddyssey - A "hard science fiction" classic that is lamer than Star Trek: The Original Series as far as realism is concerned. Were people back then so scared of the computers or what ? And the monkey scenes are not even silly, they are plain dumb.
  • The wizard of Oz - Now who the heck voted that to IMDB top list ? The movie throws away all social commentary from the original book, and replaces it with a children story. So lame.

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