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Monday, July 03, 2006

Unit testing

Good karma for Ruby and for Extreme Programming today. I've just tried to port libgmp-ruby from handmade testing system to Test::Unit. It is totally sweet:


require 'test/unit'
require 'gmp'

class TC_Z < Test::Unit::TestCase
   def test_init_null
       assert_equal(, 0, " should initialize to 0")

   def test_init_fixnum
       assert_equal(, 1, " : Fixnum) should initialize to x")

   def test_init_z
       b =
       assert_equal(, b, " : GMP::Z) should initialize to x")

   def test_init_string
       assert_equal("1"), 1, " : String) should initialize to x")

   def test_init_bignum
       assert_equal(**32), 2**32, " : Bignum) should initialize to x")
Executing this script runs all the tests:

$ ./unit_tests_1.rb
Loaded suite ./unit_tests_1
Finished in 0.006574 seconds.

5 tests, 5 assertions, 0 failures, 0 errors
Do you see any executable code, any list of tests to run ? Nah, it works by smoke and mirrors. We're going to leave XML BDSM to Java programmers, they seem to like it. ;-) It even found an actual bug in libgmp-ruby (something was pointing the wrong way around) in the first 5 minutes of testing. That's kinda cool. You can use multiple assertions per test, fixtures and so on. It still works by magic.

class TC_Q_Basic < Test::Unit::TestCase
   def setup,11),17)

   def test_add
       assert_equal(@a + @b, GMP::Q(3900, 187),       "GMP::Q should add GMP::Q correctly")
       assert_equal(@a + @c, GMP::Q(540,  11),        "GMP::Q should add GMP::Z correctly")
       assert_equal(@c + @a, GMP::Q(540,  11),        "GMP::Z should add GMP::Q correctly")
       assert_equal(@a +  2, GMP::Q(122,  11),        "GMP::Z should add Fixnum correctly")
       assert_equal(@a + @d, GMP::Q(47244640356, 11), "GMP::Z should add Bignum correctly")
       assert_equal( 2 + @a, GMP::Q(122,  11),        "Fixnum should add GMP::Q correctly")
       assert_equal(@d + @a, GMP::Q(47244640356, 11), "Bignum should add GMP::Q correctly")


DiZzy said...

What is the current status of libgmp-ruby? It seems the only available version is 1.0 cached at RAA, all other links are pointing to 0xDEADBEEF.
This library rocks - i've used it to bypass ruby's "warning: in a**b, b may be too big".

Please, publish the recent sources. And a todo list for them too - improving the library seems to be a good Ruby-C task for me. =)

taw said...

Alexey: I'll try to make some publishable version in the next few days.

taw said...

Alexey: I released a tarball. Tell me if you need some help with getting it working.