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Monday, July 02, 2012

libgmp-ruby is on github now

Cat and Calculator - Top View by Felix Idan from flickr (CC-NC-ND)

As promised I've been moving my old code to github lately.

One of these libraries is libgmp-ruby, which I once resurrected from Ruby 1.6 era into early Ruby 1.8 era already. So I just put it on github, cleaned it up a bit, and made it working with 1.9 (except for some weird memory corruption crashes which I was still in process of figuring out)... and it turns out it was all for naught since my library has been and on github and actively maintained all that time by strawlins.

Now one of the benefits of Open Source is that when the original author or maintainer is too busy someone else can easily take over, but it would be nice if someone emailed me... I wonder which programs I wrote forever ago live independent lives now.

Anyway, all's well which end's well, and if you want to use libgmp-ruby, use strawlins' version, not mine.


Andres N. Kievsky said...

Is that a casio fx 115ES Plus? I've been obsessed with calculators for a while now ;)

Felix Idan said...

If I recall correctly, It's a Casio fx-991ES, or one of its ancestors.