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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Youtube video recommendations for nerds and nerdettes

My dearest nerds and nerdettes, I want to share with you some awesome Youtube videos I found. For everyone mentioned if you like what you see you can go to their channels for more.


meekakitty makes ton of great music videos for nerds.

Navi's Song. Zelda's Navi, do not confuse with Avatar's Na'vi.

Wizard Love - a pretty good wizard rock.

Don't unplug me.


Tik Tok, probably best Majora's Mask song ever. Somehow it gets far less covers than Ocarina of Time.

And speaking of Ocarina of Time songs:

Here's a rare example of a good song about Great Recession (Skyrim-related):


Lindsey doesn't do any singing, just highly choreographed violin performances which look really awesome.

Here's her Skyrim performance:

And here's Zelda:


Age of Aggression (since I'm pro-Empire):


No music videos this time, just some awesome speculation about historical hardware. His channel is a gold mine for anyone who liked The Ancient Art of Stabbing People.

A few examples - battle axes:



This Java movie ad is totally fake, but hilarious:

This Nando's ad is real, and just as hilarious:


And here's some real science - economics of addiction:

It mostly explains why microfoundations are the cancer destroying economics.

Anyways, here are my recommendations, if you have any good videos to share, comment section is below.

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