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Monday, July 02, 2012

Magic 2013 Sealed Simulator

ireallymeanit by renedepaula from flickr (CC-NC-ND)

There was a lot of interest in Sealed simulator I wrote for Avacyn Restored, so I made a version for Magic 2013.

You can play with it here: Magic 2013 Sealed Simulator.

It still has the same problem of not having print runs implemented (which is pretty much unavoidable without some huge effort), nor even any hacks like forcing color balance at common which would really help with realism.

If you have any code improvements, please message me in some way. I'm especially interested in two things:
  • better CSS to indicate foil cards (red frame around card looks pretty lame)
  • some hacks to make colors more balanced in absence of full print run simulation
  • I don't think it works with IE, so if you can fix that, I'll upload fixed code, and people who use IE will be grateful.
Enjoy the simulator and enjoy the Prerelease Party!

EDIT: I added support for sorting by cmc. It doesn't work in alternative layout, since it has only 5 columns, and there could be a lot more cmcs (0 to 10 in M13). If it's not working for you, you may need to refresh your cache. I know most of the interest in M13 Sealed Simulator is probably gone by now, but the same code can be used for Return To Ravnica, just saying... (except for guild-specific boosters, no idea how they're made)


Anonymous said...

would be nice to just color sort and or move the decks into another area (pick cards for a deck)

taw said...

Sorting by collector's number (therefore color) is doable but it would require a bit of tweaking. Feel free to write a patch.

Deck builder is really outside the scope of this, but then
if someone codes it, I won't say no.

Anonymous said...

It would be fantastic if you could access previous results by having a seed<->url mapping of some kind...

Anonymous said...

Or failing that, generating cardinfo links for the text list would be cool too.

yoichi said...

Modified version with rollovers and very crude colour sorting here: and

Note that I changed the images for the big layout and the tooltips to use the wizards URLs instead of local copies so remember to change that back.

nick said...

It would be great if their where tournaments where players win a card @ 1ste place, this will stimulate online gaming!
c'mon taw ;)

nick DC

CeleTheRef said...

this is a very useful tool for me, thanks!

one simple way to improve it would be making the text output to read

1 Ajani's Sunstriker

instead of

1x Ajani's Sunstriker

by removing the "x" one can quickly paste it to Cockatrice :)

taw said...

CeleTheRef: Or someone could fix goddamn Cockatrice to accept "1x" format like most other Magic software and websites...

But yeah, I might change it if I ever get to making a simulator for RTR.