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Sunday, April 14, 2013

magic/xml gem published

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Once upon a time I built gems for my libraries, but then rubygems site migrated like three times, and I really didn't feel like keeping track with all that, so I stopped doing anything.

Now I pushed magic-xml gem to relevant gem repositories (it has a dash like github repository name).

Apparently bkkbrad made magic_xml (with underscore) gem based on earlier version as well. Which brings me to:

Public service announcement

Everyone, it's time to talk serious business. Ruby community must decide if it wants dashes or underscores in gem name, and it must decide it now.

  • 15578 gems have underscores
  • 17127 gems have dashes
  • 1465 mix both in their name!!!
This is insanity. It's also a pretty safe bet github has something to do with it - I love you guys, but it's really time to get your act together.

I'll be using dashes, since that's what github seems to be promoting, and I tend to put my software on github these days.

Other goodies

A lot of my small utilities depend on magic/xml, so this will allow me to publish them without having to bundle magic/xml library (even it's just one file, very old school).

For now I just pushed lastfm_status program - which does precisely what its name implies - to unix-utilities repository, but I'm sure there will be more, especially once I figure out which of my programs break half of Internet's Terms of Service enough to get banned, and which only a little ;-p


Rafał Rzepecki said...

That's been solved a long time ago. Dash is ::, underscore is camel case.

taw said...

Rafał Rzepecki: That doesn't seem to be the case here as far as I can tell.

Anonymous said...

Ruby community has decided it a long time ago:

bkkbrad said...

Thanks for making a gem! I've just deprecated my old version by pushing a new 0.1.1 version that now warns people to use yours.