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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Various old projects migrated to githtub

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Once upon a time I did "software triage"  to decide which of my software are viable, and which are dead.

Today I took another look at it, and decided to move most of my old projects - even ones that are pretty much dead - from variety of places like Sourceforge, GNU Savannah, Google Code, and tarball dumps on ftp server to github.

I don't really expect any of them to see much use, but there's always an off chance, and if I didn't move them to github, I might as well simply delete them from the Internet completely.

Here's the list of migrated projects:
  • RPU - my MSc thesis. If you want to see how to write compilers in OCaml, it might be somewhat useful.
  • bridge - I'm a Sansa Clip user now, and there's no way in hell I'm going back to iPods, but if you need this script updated (I have no idea if it still works or not), ask me, and I could probably figure out how to update it
  • tawbot - Wikipedia admin bot. I know once upon a time it had quite a few users, but I haven't heard from them in a while. If you need help with it, ask away.
  • XSS Shield for Rails 1.2.x - very similar system is included in recent Rails, so I doubt anybody needs this today.
  • freetable - HTML table generator. I know it had users once upon a time, no idea if they're still active.
  • jsme - Driver to use joystick as mouse on Linux. I made it ages ago because I accidentally my whole mouse port. I really doubt anybody would need that today, or that it would even work.
  • gtkidp - Interface for Internet Dictionary Project files. I like command line dictionaries, and I contributed to dictd stuff because Wikipedia made this kind of stuff cool, but these days it's probably not going to see much use. I don't even know if it works with recent varieties of Gtk.

Still TODO

I'm still not sure what to do with the ftp server I used to put my stuff on. Using less eye-violating styling would be a good start. I'm not entirely sure why the hell I picked that color scheme in the first place, and if it was meant as some kind of a joke or not.

And there's still my local ~/everything git repository. I put a few of its utilities on github, but there's orders of magnitude more code there - some even doesn't violate any website's ToS. There are 218 top level directories there, I'm sure at least 10% of them could be made public without any major problems.

And a lot of the software migrated to github still needs some serious work, like turning them into proper gems, compatibility with modern versions of everything and so on. If you have any special requests, just contact me.

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