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Thursday, April 11, 2013

RPGToolkit TST to PNM converter

Zorro at D&D by ex.libris from flickr (CC-NC-ND)

Here's a funny story - I found this converter in my ~/everything local git repository. I have no recollections of ever writing this converter, but it sure looks like my coding style from ancient days, and I think I wrote it while looking for tiles and other graphic resources for jrpg.

This tool converts TST format used by RPG Toolkit (tiles free for noncommercial use) to convenient PNM format you can then convert to whatever you wish using standard image processing tools. I ended up not using these tiles, so I forgot about the converter completely.

It's a small thing, but file format converters are one thing that's most annoying when you can't find it, so on an off chance that someone needs it someday, enjoy it on github.


Anonymous said...

Hi - I haven't read any of your blog (sorry!) but I was looking to extract the graphics from an old RPG Toolkit .tst file without installing the actual program, and came across this post via google. I just wanted to say thanks! This script works perfectly and couldn't have been simpler, and I was honestly amazed to actually come across something like this. I thought that what I was doing was far too obscure to find anything related, let-alone something that fulfilled my need exactly.

So thanks :)


taw said...

Dave: I'm glad you find it useful.