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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Announcement: content from my Google+ stream mirrored on this blog

I'm a Kitten , being Cute is my job !!! :) by Trish Hamme from flickr (CC-BY)

This blog isn't terribly active these days - mostly because I'm much more active on Twitter and Google+ instead (as well as on other sites), and there's only so much time during the week to write.

Twitter content is fairly specific to the medium, so it's probably best to leave the tweets there, but Google+ is just a microblogging platform, and a lot of its contents would be useful to have in nicely searchable form.

Ironically however, Google+ search is absolutely miserably, and old content is as good as lost. You'd think that of all companies, Google would be able to write a semi-competent search engine, but apparently they lost that ability at some point.

Anyway, I plan to copy some stuff I originally wrote on Google+ to this blog with minimal editing. As I haven't done anything like this before, it might be pretty big volume initially, and it might be some weird old stuff as well.

The first target is a bunch of AARs for various video games I've done there, but there's other things I consider copying over as well.

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Dan Lucraft said...

Please do! I was just wondering yesterday abou where you'd gone :)