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Thursday, March 26, 2015

This is now a food blog

([*] it's not actually a food blog)

For complicated reasons, I photographed literally everything I ate between 2015-01-06 and 2015-02-16. Here's full album. I stopped for some technical complications, but then I realized this makes eating a lot more fun, so I started again, and here's second album, form 2015-03-18 onwards.

If you're really interested, just go there and enjoy the pictures, usually with some descriptions. If you're only mildly interested, here are some highlights.

All fruits are vegetables

The distinction between "fruit" and "vegetable" is a lies. In the right context, every fruit can be used as a vegetable.

Clementines (and honey) are great for chili:
This is a great recipe. Meat is very sweet and spicy - extremely intense to the point it would not be something you can eat alone, white rice and clementines are amazing for contrast.
Works with grapes instead:

Fruits are better with honey or melted chocolate

There's nothing wrong with eating fruit on its own, but it's just so much better if you cut it into small pieces (or buy precut, how awesome is the future we live in, right?), and add honey or melted chocolate. I tried either pouring it over the fruit, or dipping, and dipping works better.

Of course there's nothing wrong with eating some fruit without dips, possibly with some nuts or dried fruit:

Breakfast like it's 50000 BCE!

One problem with trying to eat something resembling healthy is that it takes so damn much time to shop. There's a lot of reasonable choices of fresh food, but sensible long shelf life food choices are much more limited.

Fortunately there's really delicious combination of long shelf life foods that takes zero effort to prepare and is fairly delicious for a quick snack - just throw some random nuts, almonds, raisins, or whatever you like in a bowl, and add generous amounts of honey.
It contains something like a billion calories per bowl, but it's relatively nutrient dense for a dessert / breakfast food.

Steamed vegetables

Steamer is so much win. Except for cleaning part. For long time I'd just put everything (including meat) into the steamer, these days I usually just steam vegetables, fry meat separately, and then put mandatory butter on top.

It works with pretty much all vegetables and all meats. Can be used without meat as well.

Steamed potatoes with bacon

Potatoes can be steamed too. I think they work better with a bit of fried bacon than on their own.

Goulash soup best soup

I rarely make soups, as it takes way too much time, and they usually don't scale down to just cooking one portion - you pretty much have to make a lot, and then eat it over and over for the next two days.

Here's some delicious one goulash soup, with generous serving of sour cream as required:

Sushi - the fanciest junk food

It's funny how hamburgers, kebabs are considered lowly junk food, while sushi is somehow fancy Japanese stuff. It's not really any better, and it's even easier to prepare, if you figure out how to make sushi rice without burning it.

And there's more of course

These are just some highlight. If you're really interested, just check album 1 and album 2. There are recipes or links to recipes on some of them, but most of what I ate was completely improvised, so just make something that looks similar and you'll be good :-)

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Culinary School Lab said...

I agree with you. Not completely, but you're mostly right. Because the difference between fruit and vegetables is not as big as we described it at school. They really are not bad with each other. Thank you for the recipe, be sure to cook such an unusual chili!