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Friday, March 13, 2015

Fun and Balance mod for EU4 1.11.2

Linus by AnnaFenoy from flickr (CC-NC-SA)
Here's Fun and Balance updated for 1.11.2.

Direct downloads:

Other than compatibility updates and minor bugfixes the only change in this version is increasing minimum distance for "distant overseas" from 150 to 400 - it's long overdue change to make playing non-European Mediterranean power a bit more viable - you no longer get "distant overseas" to various nearby Mediterranean islands just because your capital happens to be in Asia or Africa continents.

It will have positive impact in a few other situations where your capital is located near islands on technically different continent (like in Northern coast of South America, or Northern coast of Australia), situations which mostly just apply to custom starts.


Donald Sjerven said...

Always fun! Thanks for all the effort put into this. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi I want to ask why I have the disarray of the States, for example, the Ming dynasty has the province in Africa. can you fix it?
srry for my bad english

taw said...

Anonymous: It sounds like you're playing with mismatching versions. Is everything fully updated?

Anonymous said...

the game version is with all DLCs

taw said...

Anonymous: Which mods are you using? Are you using Extended Timeline? If so, it needs to be installed in your documents (C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis IV\mod oc similar) , not in mod/ folder within game - for some reason there are map issues if you put it in mod/.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, this helped me even thought that it might be that I have a timeline in the mod F\Europa Universalis IV\mod for previous version and other mode this problem not just because it struck me

Nightwish said...

Do you use any tool to assist you in merging your differences?
I can just use a quick search and replace script for a couple of things, but do you have anything handy?

taw said...

Nightwish: The build script takes vanilla files, and applies specified changes to them. Old versions of mod are not used at all - it's all regenerated from zero every time.

All code is here:

You'd need ruby and copy of game files to run it yourself.

For simple things it doesn't really make much difference compared with using diff3, but for things like making country-specific missions available to everyone that's not really viable to do on diff level.

Niels Larsson said...

Hacia tiempo que buscaba el extended timeline 1.11.1 y no lo encontraba. Gracias.
Towards long sought the extended timeline 1.11.1 and could not find it . Thank You.

sadris said...

Did you ever figure out how to make "Transfer Trade Power" not take up a relationship slot?

taw said...

sadris: It can be sort of done with hacks - just add triggered modifiers that counts countries with whom you have this kind of relation and no others, and that many you relation limit for every such country.

Rules which combinations of relations take relations slot and which don't is very complicated, so triggered modifier would need to cover all such cases correctly, or else you'd be able to use this trick to get a lot of extra relations.

Fun and Balance has much more reasonable relationship limit, so it's less of a problem, and I ended up not doing this.