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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Let's Play Civilization V as Shoshone - post-campaign retrospective

So I finished my first Let's Play campaign and I thought it's good time to have a retrospective on mods I used. It's not yet all uploaded, at my upload speeds it will take until next era for that to happen.

  • 3rd Unique Component and 4th Unique Component: Adds extra unique components to each civilization — I liked that. 3UC/4UC seem to be on fairly low power level, so there's nothing crazy, but they made civilizations a bit different. Definitely yes.
  • Capture+: Allows capturing all civilian units — I really liked how early game it hugely increased stakes with capturing settlers. Capturing great generals on the other hand, that's a bit silly. Probably yes, or something similar.
  • Caravansary Trade Routes: Adds extra trade route for each caravansery built — It makes wide empires somewhat better, it added too much busywork with trade routes for my taste. There's probably some strategy to exploit those extra trade routes hard, I just used them in most straightforward way. Probably no.
  • Civilization 5 Diplomacy Values: Displays numeric values of diplomatic modifiers — I'm not terribly familiar with how much AI cares about different things, so I definitely like that. Definitely yes.
  • Ethnic Units: Extra civilization specific textures for units — It doesn't matter, but it looked nice. Definitely yes.
  • InfoAddict: Displays more statistics — It was extremely useful, it's silly how base game. Definitely yes.
  • Less Warmonger Hate: Reduces warmonger penalties and makes them decay faster — Other civs seemed to hate me just fine in the end, and it felt reasonable mid game before I went on warmongering spree. Vanilla warmonger hate gets pretty extreme sometimes. Probably yes.
  • More Luxuries: Adds more unique luxury types — The biggest technical failure of the campaign, as I really needed this one, and it didn't actually work due to conflicts with Natural Wonder Overhaul. Definitely yes.
  • Natural Wonder Overhaul: Adds more natural wonders — It's a good idea, but it conflicts with much more important More Luxuries. Definitely no.
  • New Beliefs Pack: Adds more beliefs. — That made religion game much more interesting at no downside. Definitely yes.
  • PolicyPlus+: Rebalances social policies. — It's straight difficulty increase, as you no longer have easy access to overpowered policies, but it also makes weak policies more viable, so it's more interesting. Probably yes.
  • Promotion Melee Ranged Correction: Bugfix for some UU promotion upgrades — That applies to just a few UUs, and a few more 3UC/4UC UUs. I didn't play as any of them, so it didn't really matter, but I can't see why not. Definitely yes.
  • Scouts Ignore Borders: Lets scout units ignore borders — It was good for scouts and embarked scouts, and felt really silly for pathfinder I upgraded to composite bowmen in a goodie hut. On the other hand, how many such goodie huts you're going to find each campaign, 0-2? Quality of life is totally worth it. Probably yes.
  • Separate Great People Counters: Makes getting one kind of great person not screw up other great people. — Interface for it is really awkward, but it feels like a bugfix. Probably yes.
  • XP From forts: Units can get some XP while sitting in forts and citadels (up to cap) — I used it exactly zero times. I guess that's something I could use spare great generals for, especially to train donated city state units. It is annoyingly nerfed on epic speed (not like I used it), which I consider a mistake as such speeds are specifically for more military action, and this is already very weak. Probably yes.
  • Extended User Interface: So many UI fixes — I care about UI even more than Arumba. I should maybe make some videos for Paradox too. For Firaxis modders are doing just fine. Definitely yes.
  • Warlord happiness on higher difficulty levels — that's one thing I modded mid-game when I realized More Luxuries mod was not working. I feel it goes a bit too far maybe. I probably won't do it next time, but I might do something milder like +1 happiness for extra copy of each luxury resource beyond first.
Making this Let's Play series was a fun experience. Mistakes were made, but life is the real ironman mode. Audio quality started horrible as I tried various settings none of which worked for first 7 episodes, and ended up tolerable from episode 8 onwards, but still not quite as good as I'd like it to be.

I'm not sure yet what I'm going to let's play next, but that's definitely not my last series. If I revisit Civilization V again, I'll probably try higher difficulty level, and slightly different combination of mods.

Thanks for reading, and see you next time.

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