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Friday, June 19, 2015

Pictures from Paleo Week

As I said before, this is now a food blog. [*]

After "great success" of Vegan Week [**], I decided to go strict paleo for a week. What is paleo? Well, not even paleo people entirely agree, so I went with fairly strict version of it.

Other than massive headaches by first evening due to huge reduction in caffeine intake, it was actually surprisingly OK.

You can see all the pictures with annotations on this flickr stream. Here are just some highlights.

([*] it is not actually a food block)
([**] where by "great success" I mean "no stray dogs were harmed")

Meat with fruit

During my first "pics or never happened" times, I tried meat with rice and clementines in place of usual vegetables. I don't even remember why I did it, but I never looked back. Distinction between fruit and vegetables is an illusion that keeps humanity enslaved to the Matrix, or something like that.

Now, paleos can't agree if white rice is paleo or not, but for purpose of experiment I decided to be fairly strict. 

It's actually pretty good, with grapes:
Oranges and bananas:
Later I even tried it with strawberries, and it was also pretty decent. Don't believe fruit and vegetables are different in any way.

Mean with vegetables

I didn't want to eat fruit with every meal, so I also had meat with steamed vegetables:

 It's really pretty good:

And raw salad style vegetables:
 And salads with both fruit (apples) and vegetables:


I didn't eat just meat, I ate loads of eggs as well. Both scrambled:
 And in a salad:


I had some kind of fruit with about half of the meals, either on its own or with something else.

I really like how nowadays it's possible to buy precut mixed fruit in any supermarket:
 Or just grab random fruit and eat it:


I didn't feel that raisins would fit strict paleo, but nuts, almonds, and honey should, so I had some of that as well:

Coffee with honey

Plain green tea is generally considered paleo, so I had a lot of that, but every now and then one needs something stronger.

Milk is definitely banned in paleo (well, I guess human milk would be allowed, but let's not get there), and most fakemilks are probably as well - not to mention when I tried drinking coffee with almond fakemilk it was really disgusting.

Fortunately coffee with honey was tolerable enough.

The end

The week was quite fun, and it didn't have any serious side effects. I didn't feel like I had to have chocolate or ice cream or whatever else was not allowed, the way I really missed meat while trying the vegan thing.

The food was somewhat more boring than I'd normally eat, and trying strict paleo for longer I'd probably miss it, but a week was just fine.

I'm sure I'll try other things for a week in the future.

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