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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Fun and Balance mod for EU4 1.13.1

Arctic Fox by Mark Dumont from flickr (CC-NC)

Fun and Balance is available updated for 1.13.1:
Other than compatibility fixes, the only change from 1.12 is that vanilla now includes "adopt theocracy" decision, which Fun and Balance had for a while, so I removed mod's decision as redundant.

It's been surprisingly common that people playing Fun and Balance mod get early access to features which vanilla players only see many versions later - the biggest one was probably pushing vassals' CBs, but all kinds of changes I make end up being unnecessary a few versions later.

As with other government type change decisions, Fun and Balance removes number of provinces restrictions, but you still need to do fulfil other requirements (religious and diplomatic ideas fully filled).

I'm not a huge fan of what happened to EU4 in 1.12 with forts and zones of control system which is an embarrassing pile of bugs and bad design, and 1.13's heavy handed diplomacy nerfs only made things worse. Sadly neither problem can be fixed by mods, so I have to hope they fix them in vanilla.

As I explained with some math in 1.12's announcement, I'm not terribly worried about increased point costs of expansion, and in any case if you dislike this change, it's relatively easy to change numbers in common/defines.lua.

I don't have strong opinion on AE changes. They were rebalanced multiple times since 1.12, and will presumably get rebalanced some more. If you find it too high or too low, it's a relatively straightforward common/defines.lua change.

People differ in how tolerant they are of Common Sense problems. If you don't mind them much, grab a mod and play. If you do, there's nothing wrong with playing older version of EU4.

Or for that matter there are other games. I recently made Modern Times mod for Crusader Kings 2, which lets you play as various characters in 1900-2015 timeframe, so if you want to crush Islamic State as François Hollande, now's your chance. Fine, I know perfectly well half the people just want to play Putin or Hitler. Leaders of minor countries are not yet in the mod, but it's only a matter of time, and in the meantime you can use ruler designer to play as your favourite leader.

Enjoy the games!

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