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Friday, September 25, 2015

Pictures from Chicken Week

As I said before, this is now a food blog. Well, at least sometimes, I still seem to be posting about video games or programming every now and then.

So after a disaster which was vegan week, I decided that I still like making food pics, but I'd prefer something much easier and more casual. So how about a chicken week? It was actually so delicious I kept going for nearly two weeks worth of pics. If you're really curious, the entire photo album of everything I ate is at flickr, with comments for each pic.

Let's start with selection of culinary highlights.


The most obvious thing to try was chicken salad. Just throw some cooked chicken with a bunch of vegetables and apples, and it's a fast to make and pretty decent food.

Chicken with fruit

I really like using fruit in my cooking. My greatest discovery was just how delicious chicken with watermelon is. I had that many time since then:
Of course I had chicken with oranges (it unfortunately came out a bit blurry):
And something I do a bit less often, grapes:

Chicken with vegetables

There's only so many types of fruit, sometimes more traditional version of chicken with vegetables would do:
Or this one:
Vegetables are generally steamed, and chicken pan-fried. I used to steam chicken together with vegetables under assumption that it would be easier, but amount of mess meat makes while steamed made it totally not worth it.

Eggs are just baby chickens

We don't need to wait for the chicken to grow up before eating it.
Here's Cloud wondering what the hell am I doing, eating silly human food instead of obviously more delicious cat food:

Chocolate eggs are kinda eggs and that's kinda chicken, right?

Obviously just because it was "chicken week" didn't meat I planned to go without at least some chocolate. Chocolate eggs sort of vaguely fit the theme. Also it's the first food pic on this blog that's totally illegal in certain unnamed countries:
 I also tried to make meringues. That was a miserable failure, so I got some from the shop instead: 

The end

To conclude this series:

  • chicken is delicious
  • watermelon is perfect with chicken
  • the distinction between fruit and vegetables is just another way the system lies to you

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