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Thursday, November 05, 2015

Let's Play Civilization 5 as America (in American)

After successful conclusion of my Polish campaign in Polish, I decided to continue the theme and I'm now starting American campaign in American, on America's home map of Great Planes Plus.

Here's campaign playlist, and here's first episode. New episodes of about 25-30 minutes each are going to be published one a day, at same time (11:00 London time).

Oh and quick warning - there's a lot of swearing for like two episodes when shit hits the fan :-p

Campaign difficulty is now on immortal difficulty level, plus some extra difficulty level introduced by a truly spectacular early game mistake. Just joking, America does not make mistakes, everything went just as planned all along.

The campaign uses mostly the same mods as before, with a few changes, mostly Reform and Rule (instead of Policy+) and Promotions Pack (which is really amazing).

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