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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Let's Play Civilization 5 as Jarad of Golgari Swarm - in Polish

After my fun "Let's Play Civilization 5 as Poland in Polish" series I wanted to do one more series in Polish, and I also wanted to play one more Civ5 game on Ravnica, so I did both those things at once and started a Polish Golgari game.

Here's playlist, and here's the first episode:

As usual schedule is one episode per day, at exactly the same time of day.

There are a few minor changes compared with Izzet campaign:
  • It's in Polish. For now I plan to keep the channel something like 80% English and 20% Polish, and all Polish stuff will be very obviously marked as such - as you can see from flag above.
  • I'm playing on Standard sized map with 8 civilizations, not obvious 10 civilizations on large map as before. 10 guilds is better flavor, but standard game speed is sort of balanced around standard map size, and increasing map size strongly implies bumping game speed to epic speed (or domination becomes really hard), which together would make campaign twice as long. I feel standard map speed/size lead to just better flowing campaign, at least as default.
  • I downgraded EUI to older version. New version unfortunately breaks a lot of mods. For some reason EUI authors don't provide links for downloading previous working version, in spite of new version being known broken, which goes very much against basic etiquette of all things software. I hereby denounce them for that. Fortunately I had old version saved locally.
  • As a result a few mods which were broken in Izzet campaign are working fine now - in particular More Luxuries mod.
  • I removed "Race for Religion" mod, as I'm playing with "New Beliefs Pack" mod, and it was silly to have both.
  • I manually fixed XP From Forts mod so it doesn't have crazy requirement that citizen needs to work citadel/fort tile (like that wasn't underpowered enough) and now I'm playing with it. It's been modestly useful, but nothing crazy.
Here's all guild mods:
Here's all other mods:

Other things I want to do on the channel

Right now the channel is fairly busy with 1 Factorio and 4 Civilization 5 series. Even counting Polish Civilization 5 as something separate, that's still a bit less diversity than I planned. Then again, I really wanted to play more Civilization 5 after that America campaign, and it's like the most recordable game ever.

So I'm planning to do a few more series for games other than Civilization 5, and I also want to do some non-gaming content.

An awkward side effect of this is that it's going to be a huge number of videos being published every day. Initially I just told youtube to autoannounce every video on my twitter, facebook, and google+ feeds, but that's getting a bit silly at this point due to volume of such automated announcements.

On the other hand, it's not like I have a better idea. But you should totally subscribe if you like my videos.

Oh and if anybody has any idea how to get channel art to be something more sensible than my Google profile pic + random landscape, please tell me.

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