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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Let's Play Hearts of Iron 4 as Nationalist China

I finally got fibre internet recently, so I thought I'd give this twitch thing a try.

Of course if I'm streaming / recording something there's no reason not to upload it to youtube as well.

Here's the playlist.

And here's the first episode:

Further episodes will come out once per day.

This is my first experience with Twitch, so there are some minor technical issues like microphone being placed less than optimally for first episodes etc. It should be fairly OK regardless.

As uploading things to youtube is massive pain I did the long overdue thing and fought my way through Google APIs to write script to automatically publish videos on youtube - it does all the things I need - setting title, description, tags, playlist, thumbnail picture, and publication date.

Isn't this sort of amazing that youtube doesn't have anything like it?

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