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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fun and Balance mod for EU4 1.9.2

Olhar interessado by PistigriloXP from flickr (CC-NC-SA)
Here's Fun and Balance updated for 1.9.2. It's mostly just compatibility upgrade.

Direct downloads:

  • Fun and Balance for EU4 1.9.2 - Download
  • Fun and Balance for EU4 1.9.2 and Extended Timeline (0.11.6 version) - Download. To avoid problems, Extended Timeline mod only works if you put it in mod folders in your documents, not one in game folder. (most mods don't care either way)
  • Fun and Balance for EU4 1.9.2 and Shattered Europe (2015-01-12 version) - Download. Shattered Europe finally got updated to Art of War map, but there are still a few minor glitches.


Mostly minor issues.

In all versions:
  • Random lucky nations - removed bias for big European countries, so it's actually random, not random subset of mid-sized and large European countries, and you can totally see Indian OPMs and native tribes among lucky nation
  • Removed fixes for Peasant War, and forming Qing fixes due to changes in base game making them hopefully no longer necessary
In Extended Timeline version only:
  • added decision to hire private military contractors after 1900, since regular mercs are currently broken in modern era (and my attempts at fixing it weren't too successful), and game needs something like this for balance
  • subject nations can't adopt secularism
  • it's possible to build any number of level 5/6 buildings in every province, not just one, to provide some way to spend money late game