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Friday, December 23, 2016

Let's Play Organic Factorio

I wanted to play some more Factorio - this time trying to use "organic" inspired design, like:

  • independent cells, with loops containing all materials inside
  • bloodstream where everything gets all ingredients, and into which all products are output
  • transport enzymes between cells
  • no dead ends - everything is just loops connected with other loops
And definitely no logistics robots (except for personal use) or massive buses.

To avoid wasting time, playing with no aliens, and Arumba's Accelerated Starts. Also Bob's mods to require a lot more complex networks of products from my organic factory, and increased saturation applied to make everything look better.

Here's full playlist which gets new episode once a day. First episode is here:

So far it's been definitely challenging, and it forced me to try new and new designs as the organic factory evolves.

Full list of mods used:
  • Arumba Lights
  • Arumba's Accelerated Start
  • Auto Deconstruct
  • Auto Trash
  • Autofill
  • Bob's Adjustable Inserters
  • Bob's Assembling machines
  • Bob's Config mod
  • Bob's Electronics
  • Bob's Functions Library mod
  • Bob's Greenhouse mod
  • Bob's Logistics mod
  • Bob's Metals, Chemicals and Intermediates
  • Bob's Mining
  • Bob's Modules
  • Bob's Ores
  • Bob's Power
  • Bob's Revamp mod
  • Bob's Tech
  • Bottleneck
  • Bridge Railway
  • EfficienSee
  • Enhanced Map Colors
  • Flow Control
  • Foreman
  • Initial Scan
  • Larger Inventory
  • Long Reach
  • Peace Mod
  • Rail Tanker
  • Red Alerts
  • Research queue
  • Shuttle Train
  • Tree Collision
  • Upgrade Builder and Planner
  • Warehousing Mod
  • Yet Another Resource Monitor Fork
All mods available from in-game mod system.