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Sunday, November 28, 2021

100 Languages Speedrun

Luna has landed! by hehaden from flickr (CC-NC)

I didn't take a long break after finishing the 100-episode daily Electron Adventures series. I already started another one - 100-episode daily "100 Languages Speedrun" series, where I'm trying out a new programming language every day.

It's been going for about a week now, and it's available:

I already explained the goals of the series in the first episode, so I'll just repost it below. Enjoy the series!

Time to start a 100 programming languages speedrun. Every day or so, I'll be posting about a different programming language. Not just doing 100 fizzbuzzes, but trying out something that's interesting about each language.

But that's not all, some of the programming languages I will create for purpose of this series. So if you follow along, you'll see not just a lot of different programming languages, but you might also learn a thing or two about how to create your own.

I won't be shy about my opinions, and I might be even exaggerating a bit. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Episodes will all be independent. Target audience is people who know programming, but don't know a 100 difference languages, so I'll often use some less idiomatic ways of doing things if I think it's clearer for such reader, or if it lets me showcase specific language feature better. For languages where it's not enforced, I'll mostly stick to best-practice cross-language code formatting (2 spaces indentation, double quoted strings, no semicolons etc.), even if that language generally uses something else.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Electron Adventures 100-post series is finished

Rena, with her black and white whiskers by Bennilover from flickr (CC-ND)

The Electron Adventures series I've been writing is now over.

The series is available on two platforms, with the same content:

If you want to read the conclusions, episode 99 (, hashnode) summarizes the technical aspects of the series, and episode 100 (, hashnode) talks about what it was like to do daily blogging. As it's already all there, I won't be repeating it here.

Or start from the first, or just check whichever episodes look interesting. Some subjects continue over a bunch of episodes, but there's plenty of fresh starts on the way, so you definitely don't need to read it 1 to 100.

I plan to do some more similar series in the future, they'll definitely be announced here, and for now I plan to double-post any such content to and hashnode, so feel free to follow me on whichever one's more convenient.

It's also possible that I might do a few bonus episodes beyond the 100 someday, as there's a few subjects I couldn't cover for various reasons.