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Sunday, November 28, 2021

100 Languages Speedrun

Luna has landed! by hehaden from flickr (CC-NC)

I didn't take a long break after finishing the 100-episode daily Electron Adventures series. I already started another one - 100-episode daily "100 Languages Speedrun" series, where I'm trying out a new programming language every day.

It's been going for about a week now, and it's available:

I already explained the goals of the series in the first episode, so I'll just repost it below. Enjoy the series!

Time to start a 100 programming languages speedrun. Every day or so, I'll be posting about a different programming language. Not just doing 100 fizzbuzzes, but trying out something that's interesting about each language.

But that's not all, some of the programming languages I will create for purpose of this series. So if you follow along, you'll see not just a lot of different programming languages, but you might also learn a thing or two about how to create your own.

I won't be shy about my opinions, and I might be even exaggerating a bit. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Episodes will all be independent. Target audience is people who know programming, but don't know a 100 difference languages, so I'll often use some less idiomatic ways of doing things if I think it's clearer for such reader, or if it lets me showcase specific language feature better. For languages where it's not enforced, I'll mostly stick to best-practice cross-language code formatting (2 spaces indentation, double quoted strings, no semicolons etc.), even if that language generally uses something else.

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Cloud Consultant said...

Dear Taw
Your speed run reminds me of this similar one i saw at this blog. Speed was measured by this developer. And did you see the results for assembly?