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Friday, June 02, 2006

Dapper Drake

This is one of the chicks from the original Ubuntu Calendar. It's not updated any more, sorry ;-)

I've been using Ubuntu Dapper Drake betas for a couple of days now, and finally it got released.

I usually hate everything ;-), but I think Dapper Drake is the best distribution of Linux ever. Even the default GNOME (which you can change to KDE with just a few clicks in Synaptic) isn't that annoying in the recent versions as it used to be.

Things to expect:

  • Really cool LiveCD-style installer. You simply have to see this one.
  • Everything more or less just working out of the box.
  • Software upgrades working almost automatically. It can even download new upgrades in background as soon as they're published, simply waiting for you to click the Upgrade button.
  • Full sudo rights for the first registered user, no root password. I think this is really great, the old Unix system of accounts and permissions is seriously braindamaged.
  • Loads of packages. You must enable universe and multiverse in the package managers, because most of the extras are not "officially supported".
  • For anything weird, like installing Radeon 3d drivers ;-), there's usually a quick help page on Ubuntu Wiki.
So just get Ubuntu LiveCD installer, and have some fun :-D

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