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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Language popularity metrics

We all agree with Bjarne Stroustrup of C++ fame when he says that there are only two kinds of languages - those that nobody uses and those that everybody bitches about. So let's ask Google what are the most popular languages nowadays:

  • "Java sucks" 33,200
  • "PHP sucks" 29,100
  • "C++ sucks" 14,100
  • "C sucks" 12,800
  • "Perl sucks" 9,170
  • "Cobol sucks" 1,010
  • "Ada sucks" 961
  • "Python sucks" 694
  • "Scheme sucks" 631 (most about color scheme sucking, not about the language)
  • "Ruby sucks" 602
  • "Lisp sucks" 593
  • "C# sucks"555
  • "Fortran sucks" 205
  • "Prolog sucks" 127
  • "Visual Basic sucks" 79
  • "Smalltalk sucks" 74
  • "OCaml sucks" 61
  • "SML sucks" 7 (none related to the language)
I guess some of the rants are pretty old, so it includes also past popularity. Anyway - cool thing C/C++ are finally going down - they're getting very few new rants, as most people moved to something else. Now that rocks.

Another interesting thing - why do languages suck ? Java used to suck because it's "not C++", but nowadays it sucks because it's "not Smalltalk/Ruby".

How about Ruby ?
And Python sucks:


vruz said...

maybe there's also a sort of languages that suck, but (almost) everybody has decided to move on and ignore them ?

(COBOL would be the first in that list afaic)

taw said...

Yeah, but then people aren't bitching about them any more, unless their suckiness outlived the languages.

Actually as far as I could tell "COBOL sucks" and "Ada sucks" seem to be used mostly metaphorically, when referring to other languages' COBOL-like or Ada-like features, so you're totally right here :-)

sd57 said...

I just came here to add one more "Ada sucks" to the web. Stupid language takes me at least 20 times longer to do anything than any other language out there. and if i modify one character in a spec file it will of course recompile the entire project which takes a good hour on a fast machine. Yeah "Ada sucks"

Gianni said...

The order of magnitute skyrockets if you move from language to OS: google for "Windows sucks", "Linux sucks" and "Mac sucks" ;)