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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Slides for my masters thesis

Ronaldinho by katia. from flickr (CC-BY)The thesis is: RenderMan Compiler for the RPU Ray Tracing Architecture.

Here are the slides in PDF and SXI format.

Now in the process I discovered how cool Impress was. Before making the slides I only vaguely remembered how totally lame was PowerPoint - especially its math typography looking like it was done by a 4 year old kid, and I considered writing HTML+CSS for Opera the best way of making slides. Now what changed my mind was that Opera doesn't seem to be able to export the slides to any other format (like PDF), and the slides look horrible in any other browsers. Why isn't Firefox compatible here ? It's using almost only official CSS. Well, I'll rant about how Firefox sucks sometime later :-)

So Impress is somewhat less lame than PowerPoint. The good thing is that making nice Web 2.0-looking (with gradients) flowcharts is actually easier than with Opera. The huge bad thing is that there are no predefined templates, and the ones I could find online were rather weak - like not having special title slide format, and using a moral equivalent of Comics Sans for slide numbers.

Oh yeah, end of the rant. Just look at the slides and enjoy :-)

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