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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Congratulations to the first person to finish jrpg

jrpg completed by Stephen Christenson

Congratulations to Stephen Christenson, who is the first person to finish jrpg, or at least the first to inform me of doing so. According to the savefile he sent me it didn't take that much kanji demon bashing to complete all quests (at least the crystal ball thinks so), so I should probably add a few more maps and quests.

In the last few months I got multiple feature requests for jrpg. Some of them like kana keyboard support seem relatively straightforward (if the operating system, SDL and PyGame support them). Fixing wrapping of long examples was requested often, and it shouldn't be that hard. The most popular request that simply cannot be done in a reasonable amount of work is providing translations for all words in the game.

It's really nice hearing from people who enjoy jrpg. Have fun and good learning.

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