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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New jrpg quests

Brodie by play4smee from flickr (CC-NC)

Once upon a time I released jrpg with a promise that if anybody ever finishes the game, they can send the save file to me, and I'll definitely add a few new areas.

Well, over the years not one but three people sent me their completed save files, and I finally decided to do something about my promise and expanded the map to add a few new areas and a bit longer quest.

The quest and areas are actually on fairly low level (kana words, very simple kanjis), not after you win the entire game, since then very few people would actually get there.

Unfortunately the new quest line is not savegame compatible, so people who got far in the game probably don't want to upgrade it, since it will forget what they've learned and they'll start from 0 xp - and even worse the game won't know which kanji you know so it will be pretty dumb at presenting them to you until it figures it out.

You can download the version from jrpg website.

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