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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gatecrash Sealed Simulator

Rude? by Tjflex2 from flickr (CC-NC-ND)

Continuing the grand tradition I made Sealed Simulator for Gatecrash, which you can use to practice before the weekend Prerelease.

Here's Gatecrash Sealed Simulator.

Or if you want to play with older sets:
The simulator works in a way identical to RTR simulator. Strangely we had 4 single-set Limited formats in a row - I don't think that ever happened before, or is all that likely to happen anytime soon.

The one for Dragon's Maze will need to change since it will be a three-set format. And then presumably two more single-set formats.

Any feedback welcome.

Good luck on the Prerelease and may the best Crocodile Frog win!


Alessandro said...

Hi! Great generator, if you want to improve by making the correct rules for guild booster you can use:

Juan Pablo Zapata said...

Fantastic simulator! Using it right now to practice for the pre-realease.

If possible, please add the guild booster using the link from Alessandro.

taw said...

Alessandro/Juan: Their guildpacks are pure speculation and they've been wrong for RTR too.

Juan Pablo Zapata said...
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Juan Pablo Zapata said...

taw: Thanks for the reply.

I'll paste some info from Wizards. Maybe this can help:


One guild booster pack: Here is your sixth pack! All the cards in this pack are either from your guild specifically, or are at least your guild's colors. That puts you on the path toward being able to play your guild in the Prerelease (which is the point, of course!). Each guild booster pack comes with eleven commons, three uncommons, a rare, and the premium (foil) Prerelease promo card specific to your guild. Now, you might be wondering if you can open a mythic rare in the guild booster pack's rare slot, and the answer is... yes! But! The only mythic rare you have a chance of opening is your guild leader.

taw said...

Juan Pablo Zapata: While this is vaguely true, this isn't really enough information. People like mythicspoiler speculate based on it, but they weren't really close for RTR and introducing bad guild booster feature is probably going to cause more confusion than good.

ersamy said...

taw: I don't understand how can they be that wrong, they are showing all the cards that have those two conditions:

1. The cards are from your guild (the cards have the guild symbol)
2. The cards are of one of the colors of your guild

Maybe one important thing is the fact that there could be artifacts or colorless included (didn't go to RTR prerelease so don't know if it is possible)

I can help with the coding if you like...