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Friday, March 01, 2013

Technical Update

Russian Dwarf Hamster by cdrussorusso from flickr (CC-BY)
A quite technical update for the blog.

PostRank plugin I used to display most popular posts got bought by Google and shut down. Fortunately Blogger now has some kind of popular posts functionality, so I added that instead. I'm not terribly enthusiastic about styling.

Social sharing buttons I had were pretty dubious (including digg, anybody remembers that?). I added Blogger's standard buttons while keeping custom code for reddit, delicious, and Hacker News. If there's anything important I forgot (pinterest?) let me know.

And since Blogger's spam filters are absolutely awful I had to enable captchas. It was either that or require Google/OpenID account, and captchas are probably less annoying to most people. I'd prefer if there were some less drastic options, or even better if spam filters actually worked, but I don't really have much choice here.

By the way, while this blog doesn't have terribly much going on, I am very active on Google+,, and depending on my mood on Twitter. If you're interested, follow me there.

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