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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Holiday announcements

Fiodor Extreme by stella_gonzales2003 from flickr (CC-BY)
I'll be in Poland until a bit after the New Year, mostly in Legnica-Wrocław area. If anybody wants to meet during, email me. server which I used to dump all kinds of stuff is going down. Since most of this stuff was for my Open Source projects which now live on github, I'm in the process of migrating the pages to, with any major binaries going to Dropbox - except of course there's less need for tarballs, since Dropbox generates these automatically on request.

The process is going to take a while, since there's something like 200 links to fix just between this blog and the pages, and I want to apply some minimal styling to it at least.

I don't really have any major vision of what all that should be like. I guess I might write some short explanations of what all my other projects on github are, and add kind of some index more sensible than alphabetical listing, but that's about all.

That still leaves a few things without obvious home. There's my MTG sealed app (which I maintained from Avacyn Restored to Gatecrash), which I probably shouldn't put on github since it contains a lot of pictures of Magic cards. If you're interested, contact me. There's also my Perl programming course's website from years ago, which might be worth archiving, but doesn't really fit github. And there's a few even more random things.

Anyway, happy holidays!

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