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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Medieval 2 Total War Concentrated Vanilla on github now

Caithlin resting by Finn Frode (DK) from flickr (CC-NC-SA)
I did a bunch of fixes to mod builder:
  • The mod builder searches in a few standard locations for game installation in addition to checking Windows registry
  • included cheri gem manually updated to work with Ruby 1.9/2.0 syntax, so it's now compatible with new versions of JRuby
  • concentrated_vanilla.reg file included so you can tell Steam launcher about the mod even if mod builder doesn't work for some reason
and uploaded it to github together with all the history.

The mod itself didn't change in any way.


H Con said...


I'm looking to "Concentrate" Kingdoms Grand Campaign Mod ( and I wondered what changes one would have to make to the Ruby scripts.
Is it even possible to port, considering that KGCM uses kingdoms.exe, while your Concentrator is for Vanilla?

taw said...

H Con: I expect the script to 90% work with kingdoms.

The biggest difference is that you need to put all the files in the mod folder, can't just reuse ones that aren't changed like I do for vanilla.

I even thought about making it work with Kingdoms, but then I never really have time for it.

Aurelius said...

Hi! I downloaded the zip directly linked to above but I couldn't find any of the three files that you mentioned in the readme (concentrated_vanilla.bat, concentrated_vanilla.cfg, and concentrated_vanilla directory).

Thank you for your hard work on this!

taw said...

Aurelius: They're all in concentrated-vanilla-master/output/ subfolder.

Aurelius said...

Thanks, taw!

Anonymous said...

Another way to get the mod working with the Steam version of M2TW:

1) From \concentrated-vanilla-master\output\mods copy directory "concentrated_vanilla" into \SteamApps\common\Medieval II Total War\mods

2) From \concentrated-vanilla-master\output copy file "concentrated_vanilla.bat" into \SteamApps\common\Medieval II Total War\mods\concentrated_vanilla

3) In the Steam client, go to M2TW Properties and click "Set Launch Options". In the popup box, enter the string "--features.mod=mods/concentrated_vanilla" (without quotes).

This should get you going.