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Monday, August 31, 2015

Tragic death of my Let's Play Civilization V as Germany series

So, this is awkward...

My Let's Play Civilization V as Germany series died a tragic death after 27 episodes due to save game corruption - game crashing to desktop on save game load. Not just the last save game is corrupt, quite a few saves and autosaves before it as well.

No idea what caused it, and the usual fixes like deleting game cache, reinstalling game and mods, and so on didn't work - I'm pretty sure save games are corrupted not game itself.

Earlier save games still work fine, but it would be a bit silly and confusing to redo already published episodes second time.

I'd say the series was fairly entertaining up to this point, with some very unusual strategies emerging that you don't normally see, and which are probably impossible on deity so I'd guess few other let's plays do this. By the time corruption happened I snowballed quite hard, so winning would only be a formality. So if you don't mind it ends abruptly at some point, enjoy the series anyway:

This isn't the first time I had Civ5 crashing, but previously workarounds (like deleting cache) worked.  It's rather discouraging to have campaigns completely corrupted, so I'll probably stop playing Civ5 and try something else instead.

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