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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Modern Times mod for Crusader Kings 2 - Conclave release

The Devil Himself by inspiring! from flickr (CC-NC) Modern Times mod is updated for 2.5.x and Conclave DLC. (Steam WorkshopDirect download).

Changes are mostly just compatibility, but also include:

  • taking advantage of new character selection screen
  • Kazakh and Uzbek cultures, to get Eastern Europe / Central Asia a few more steps towards sanity (it's not there yet)
  • if you're playing with Conclave enabled, administration and status of women laws will be automatically determined based on your religion (Muslim or not) and starting technology. I could probably tweak it a lot more, and maybe even add some new interesting laws.
  • bug fixes for de jure map and holy orders
All my CK2 minimods on Steam Workshop got also upgraded to 2.5.x.

Unfortunately it seems that Conclave doesn't allow naming kings "presidents", "fuhrers", "ayatollahs" etc. based on laws as I hoped it would. It only allows changing what laws tab describes the realms as (like "Hereditary Despotic Kingdom" and such), but that's of fairly little use. Maybe next time with China DLC.

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